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                Shenzhen Dali magnetic material Co. Ltd.



                Company Profile

                Shenzhen Dali magnetic material Co. Ltd. is a magnet manufacturer that specializes in producing rare earth permanent magnets, including neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt magnets and alnico magnets.Found in 1985, occupies 39000 square meters, the production capacity is up to 2000 tons annually, have over 25 engineers with Ph.D. degree. 58 university qualified technicians, over 550 well-trained workers, is a very competitive magnet manufacturer in China.We can now make grades N52, 50M, 48H, 45SH, 40UH and 38EH for the mass production. These grades are already closed to the top grades that made by Japanese or US producers. We can produce them in many shapes such as block, bar, disc, ring, cylinder, segment, tile etc. If customers require, we can also supply NdFeB magnets with SSMC patent.Most of our customers are from Europe and America, in recent years, Asia and Africa market have been developing rapidly, some famous international companies are our old customers.Our company policy is "integrity, top quality, humanity". We would like to establish a long-term good relations and cooperation, always reply our customers in time, can custom magnet according to the design made by our customers, provide the solutions for the productsĄŻ application problems, in the spirit of "Brand Services" concept, we will try our best to offer an excellent resource center of magnetic products.


                Company name: Shenzhen Dali magnetic material Co., Ltd.
                Room No. 705-707, Tower A Century Holiday Plaza.
                No. 9030 Shennan Rd., OCT, Nanshan District, ShenZhen , China .
                Post Code: 518053
                Tel: +86 755 26923096
                Fax: +86 755 26915592
                Website: www.qingpao.com 

                Email: ok@china--magnet.com
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